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Tribute To Myst is a technical demo of a 360 first person clicker. It was made for the Myst Jam.

There is no story, no meaning behind objects and places. I just picked random stuffs at my reach. I wish I had time to prepare a consistent story and believable characters, build more mechanics and enigmas, but it will be for another time, another project.

My goals was to learn skills with the Blender Cycles render engine. Use home-made 360 panoramas captured with a smartphone. And then just having fun with effects by using shaders.

App used for 360 panoramas : Google Street View (Android) (iPhone)

Since I work at a company where I make virtual reality with the Oculus Samsung Gear VR for big brands, I sometimes feel constraint and can't go crazy on the shader side. Well, Myst Jam was there at the right time and I just went completely obsessed and possessed about the project. I barely slept during one week but I guess it worth the effort.

Definitively going further with the engine, with the help of people, to make great projects like biographic interactive films, or imaginary lands from a Moebius universe.

I have plenty of things to do before, but I'll write some documentations about equirectangular textures and shader transitions.

Since the compressed file size of the game is about 700MB, it would be fun to print the game on a CD and distribute it like an old school PC game with a pretty cover.

Mac build very soon ... !!

If you need a quality VR app, you can contact the company I work : DVMobile

They can also make 4K 360 videos : DVRig

Unity3D project code sources (project generation will take a long time)

Voice : Melanie Bonsens

Music : Gregory Semah

Panorama 360 Voyages : Benjamin Vedrenne

Panorama 360 Fractals :


Code :

Script for a sphere with perfect UV : Olivier Nemoz
Equirectangular projection : https://gist.github.com/Farfarer/5664694
Stereographic projection : https://github.com/notlion/streetview-stereographic
GLSL utils : https://github.com/i-saint/RaymarchingOnUnity5

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TagsAbstract, Action-Adventure, myst, mystjam


TributeToMyst.zip 678 MB


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pourquoi j'ai vu ce truc 7 ans après ???? mais c'est super bien ! J'adore